What does Mini Coaxial Cable look like?

Mini Coaxial Cable Features
I found Wireless Mini Coaxial Cable. This is one of the features.
mini coaxial cable

HCM’s new Mini-Coaxial cable is fully compliant with Schleuniger’s complete line of precision coaxial cable stripping equipment. Our cable, processed on any Schleuniger coaxial cable stripper will ensure repeatable stripping quality time after time.
Engineered to provide optimal VSWR, minimized attenuation and impedance control.
Multiple wire gauges available.
Various OD’s to meet your specific dimensional needs.
Single Coax or Zip construction available.

==Physical Description==
Wireless Coax Cable Description
50 or 75 ohm mini coax, 19-34 AWG, is insulated and shielded. Shield is either single or dual, with at least 85% coverage. The cable is then jacketed with either a PVC, non-halogen, FEP or PVDF compund or tape in various colors.

Mini Coaxial Cable Applications
Radio Frequency
Satellite Cell Phone Technology
Cell Tower Communications
Feeder and Notebook Antennae
Blue Tooth
WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)
IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g
BFR (Big Fast Router)
High Speed Broadband Transmission
Low Time Delay Transmission
LCD Flat Panels

I still need to learn how to interpret those information whenever I want to buy mini coaxial cable.
also in what occasion, do I need them?


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